Countdown to Retirement: What to Do 1–3 Months before Your Retirement Date

Our Countdown to Retirement series highlights the steps you need to take as you approach your retirement date. This post focuses on the final three months.

Filing for Retirement

You must file your Application for Service Retirement (RS6037) with us 15–90 days before you plan to retire. You can get the form from our website or our consultation sites. Make sure to provide all the requested information and have it notarized.

If you send the form by “Certified Mail — Return Receipt Requested,” we will consider your application filed on the date it was mailed. Please don’t give your application to your employer; send it directly to NYSLRS.

Next Steps

Once we receive your application, we’ll mail you a confirmation letter. If you’ve received an estimate from us within the past 18 months, we will include three forms with the letter:

If you haven’t previously received an estimate, we will send you just the W-4P and Direct Deposit Enrollment forms, and we’ll begin processing your estimate. Once your estimate is complete, we will send it to you with the Option Election form.

Choosing Your Pension Payment Option

Select a payment option based on your most recent estimate, which shows what your pension benefit could be based on the pension payment options available to you. All of the options provide a monthly benefit for life, and some provide payments to a designated beneficiary when you die. You must file this form by the last day of the month in which you retire (unless otherwise notified).

Make Sure You’re Prepared

As your retirement date draws near, it’s important to understand the retirement process. Think about scheduling a consultation at one of our offices to file for retirement. Our information representatives can answer any questions to you have, help you complete the paperwork and notarize your retirement application. You can also contact us, if you have questions.

6 thoughts on “Countdown to Retirement: What to Do 1–3 Months before Your Retirement Date

  1. Ed Rudder

    The option election form lists 2 choices for the Pop Up designation of 50% or 100%. How do I communicate a choice of 75% ?

    1. NYSLRS


      We do accept written requests for options other than those provided on the Option form. If you are filing for retirement, please include a letter detailing the option you would like, your name, contact information, and signature. Once your request is approved, you will receive a custom option form to complete.  

      We hope this helps,


  2. ejhonda

    It would be helpful to have links to the other articles in this Countdown to Retirement series here so we can review them all. Thanks!


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