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New Law Affects Military Service Credit Requirements

Military Service CreditMilitary service credit legislation amending Article 20 of the Retirement and Social Security Law was signed into law on May 31, 2016. The law removes the requirement that an NYSLRS member must have served during specific periods of hostilities in order to purchase military service credit under Article 20 of the Retirement and Social Security Law. Previously, only NYSLRS members who served in certain conflicts, including World War II, the Korean War, and the Vietnam War, were able to purchase service credit.

Under the new law (Chapter 41, Laws of 2016), eligible NYSLRS members may buy up to three years of their military service as long as they:

  • Have at least five years of creditable service in NYSLRS (other than their military service);
  • Have been honorably discharged from active military service; and
  • Have not received credit for this service in any other public retirement system in New York State.

What Will Military Service Credit Cost?

There is a cost for this service credit. If you work full-time, here’s how you can estimate the cost:

  • Tiers 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5: The cost will be 3 percent of the compensation you earned during the 12 months of credited service immediately prior to our receipt of your request, times the number of years of military service being claimed.
  • Tier 6: The cost will be 6 percent of the compensation you earned during the 12 months of credited service immediately prior to our receipt of your request, times the number of years of military service being claimed.

How to Apply for Military Service Credit

To apply and request a cost of for military service credit:

  1. Scan and email your Certificate of Release or Discharge from Active Duty papers (DD-214) to and include your name and contact information. You’ll receive an email acknowledging that we received your request;


  1. Fax your name, contact information and a copy of your DD-214 to 518-486-6405 or 518-402-7799;


  1. Mail your name, contact information and a copy of your DD-214 to:
    Military Service Unit
    110 State Street
    Albany, NY 12244-0001

If you have questions, email us at We will be providing additional information on our Military Service Credit page over the coming days.

Your Member Annual Statement is Coming

We’ve started distributing the 2017 Member Annual Statements (MAS) to more than 600,000 NYSLRS members. The mailing is done in stages, taking six to eight weeks to complete. School employees receive their statements first; most others should expect to see theirs by mid-July.

Your statement contains important information about your NYSLRS membership, including your reported salary, service credit and beneficiaries. Depending upon your own circumstances, you may also see projected annual benefits, loan balances or past service account balances.

When You Receive Your Statement

Be sure to review the information in your statement carefully. If you need to change your address, email or phone number, or update your beneficiaries, you can use Retirement Online — our convenient and secure self-service tool. You can contact us to correct most errors, but if you have a question about your reported salary, please contact your employer.

Because the information is valuable year round, after you check it over, file your MAS away securely. It’s very likely you’ll reference it again at some point in the future.

Member ID Cards

Your statement also includes a member identification card, with both a registration number and a NYSLRS ID number. The NYSLRS ID is new this year, part of our upgrade to a new computer system. When the upgrade is complete, we will phase out the old registration numbers and replace them with the NYSLRS ID.

As identity theft becomes more and more prevalent, please help us protect you and your personal information. Reference either your registration or NYSLRS ID number — not your Social Security number — whenever you contact us.

When you receive your statement, be sure to clip out your ID card. Save it in a secure and easily accessible place, so you’ll always have your NYSLRS identification numbers handy.

Questions about Your MAS?

2017 Member Annual Statement TutorialCheck out our interactive, online presentation. It features a page-by-page explanation of your MAS as well as answers to common questions. View the entire presentation, or go directly to the information you need.

We can provide MAS reprints once we finish mailing statements — usually by mid-July. You can contact us at that time if you need to order a reprint.

Countdown To Retirement: What To Do 4-6 Months Before Your Retirement Date

There are important things you need to do in the final months leading up to your retirement date. Our Countdown to Retirement Series will help you remember what to do and when to do it.

Last month we talked about what you should do when you’re 8 months away from retirement. This post talks about preparing a post-retirement budget and researching your post-retirement health insurance coverage.

6 Months Out: Preparing a Post-Retirement Budget

In our post on requesting an NYSLRS retirement estimate, we talked about how your estimate will have an approximate amount of what your retirement benefit could be. You can use the amount from your estimate to prepare a post-retirement budget. Having a post-retirement budget helps you to decide how you want to spend your money in retirement and helps you keep your goals in focus.

We feature worksheets to help you prepare a post-retirement budget on our website. Keep track of what you spend now for a month or two to get an idea of how you spend your money. You should include periodic expenses, such as car insurance, or property and school taxes as well.

4 Months Out: Review Your Post-Retirement Health Insurance Coverage

You should also check your eligibility for post-retirement health insurance coverage, as NYSLRS does not administer health insurance programs for retirees. If you work for a non-State employer, contact your health benefits administrator for information on coverage available; if you work for a State employer, you can visit the New York State Department of Civil Service website for post-retirement health insurance information.

Counting Down

Your planned retirement date is just a few months away. Check back for more Countdown to Retirement posts on what to do after you’ve filed your Application for Service Retirement form. If you have any pre-retirement questions, please contact us.

Retirement Planning – Divorce and Your Pension

One aspect of retirement planning some members may not consider is how a divorce may affect their retirement benefit. In New York, retirement benefits are considered marital property and can be divided between you and your ex-spouse. While some divorced couples may choose not to divide retirement benefits, it’s important to think about what you will need to do if your pension will be affected by divorce.

Preparing for Retirement: Part Five — Divorce and Your Pension

The Preparing for Retirement 7-part video series discusses the main aspects of retirement planning to help NYSLRS members nearing retirement make good, informed decisions for the future. In Part Five – Divorce and Your Pension, you’ll hear about how if you are divorced, your ex-spouse may be entitled to part of your pension. NYSLRS needs a valid domestic relations order (DRO) on file so we can have the instructions on how your pension benefits should be divided. You’ll also learn what resources NYSLRS has available to help you construct a DRO, if needed.

Important Links for Retirement Planning

Where to Find More Retirement Planning Information

If you are close to retirement and have more questions, consider scheduling an appointment to meet with an information representative at one of NYSLRS’ consultation sites in New York State. Don’t forget to check back for the rest of the Preparing for Retirement video series, which includes retirement planning topics like: